Donations made to St. Anne’s help create an enriching community for our Residents. Our wish list below contains items that range in price and can be donated by businesses, groups and individuals at any point throughout the year. Cash donations can also be made toward a specific item or  area. 

Activities Coordinator smiles with all the equiptment used to keep Residents engaged.
Wish list for Personal Care includes Stand-up lamps for $50 each
Wish list for Pet Committee includes pet items for our dogs, cats and bird.
Wish list for Laundry/Housekeeping includes a Speedy Sweeper Cordless Sweeper for $150
Our Resident uses a tablet to talk with her daughter

If you’re interested in donating a Wish List item, or have questions about other ways to donate to our community, please contact our Giving & Marketing Department at 717-285-5443.