Furry, Feathery Fundraiser

St. Anne's Resident holding dog with scarf.As a pet-friendly retirement community, St. Anne’s allows furry and feathery companions in our villas and cottages. Residents in our apartments, personal care and skilled care can also enjoy the company of two dogs, four cats and a bird who call St. Anne’s “home.” While our residents provide daily affection, it is our Pet Committee who handles the financial responsibility of caring for the pets owned by St. Anne’s Retirement Community.

Help keep tails wagging and feathers flapping at St. Anne’s with a donation to our Pet Fundraiser now through April 11, 2016!

The St. Anne’s Pets Committee is hosting its annual campaign to raise funds to care for our pets. In addition, we want to help local, less fortunate animals with a collection drive for the Lancaster County SPCA‘s wish list. The fundraiser concludes on April 11th with a celebration for National Pet Day.

Want to make a donation? Bring items from the Lancaster County SPCA’s wish list to St. Anne’s and drop it in the donation bin just off our main entrance lobby. You can make donations to our pet fundraiser at the front desk too!

Not able to make a donation? Show your support by sharing the details of our fundraiser and collection drive on Facebook or Twitter!

Lancaster County SPCA is in greatest need of the items below:


  • Paper towels
  • Lavender Pine-sol cleaner
  • Clorox spray cleaner
  • Liquid laundry soap
  • Scrub sponges
  • Bleach
  • 39-gallon trash bags


  • Critter houses
  • Critter water bottles
  • Food for domestic ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils & rabbits
  • New, untreated wood chew sticks
  • Timothy Hay (unopened)
  • Shavings for bedding
  • Finely shredded paper for bedding
  • Heat lamps for reptiles


  • Toys
  • Washable beds
  • Cat litter
  • Wet dog and cat food, unopened
  • Dry cat, kitten, puppy and dog food
  • Soft treats
  • Leashes and collars

View the Lancaster County SPCA’s full wish list here.*
*When you click on the link, you will leave St. Anne’s website and be directed to Lancaster County SPCA’s website. We have provided the link as a convenience and are not responsible for the content on third-party sites.

Consider Where to Retire, Before it’s Time to Retire

Residents of St. Anne's smile with potted flowers from the garden.If you’re like most people, you have probably been thinking about retirement since the first day of your first, full-time job. As you embark on the journey, or find it just within your grasp, you should consider how and where you want to spend your time.

When considering a retirement community, it’s helpful to understand your options to find the place that best suits your lifestyle now as well as in the future.

Five Things to Consider in a Retirement Community

Daily Activities

Retirement should be a time to do the things you love. Whether it’s exercising daily, relaxing with a book or playing cards, it’s important to look for a senior community with offerings and events of interest to you. At St. Anne’s, we plan regular activities for all levels of interest and ability. In addition, our Residents enjoy the convenience of an on-site library and café, and can take advantage of transportation to nearby recreational centers, restaurants, shopping centers and more.

Levels of Care

Initially, you may be downsizing or seeking maintenance free, independent living in a senior community, however it is important to consider more skilled care you might need in the future. St. Anne’s offers all levels of care and independence including private cottages, independent living apartments, personal care, skilled nursing care, memory support and restorative care. Once you are a member of the St. Anne’s community, we are committed to your care and prioritize your placement into more skilled care should the need arise.

Christian Connection

While many retirement communities offer similar levels of care and activity, it is the Christian connection that can set one apart from another. If you want attend weekly worship services, consider a faith-based institution or one with close proximity to a worship center and transportation opportunities to get there.

St. Anne’s was founded by Catholic nuns and we take pride in our Catholic sponsorship, so Residents can attend the Rosary and mass on a daily basis. In addition, we welcome all our Residents, approximately half of whom are non-Catholic, to take part in interdenominational worship services every Sunday afternoon.


It’s important to ask questions around costs to “buy in” to a retirement community. For example, do you have to sell your home to be able to afford to move into the community? It’s also important to understand care an institution will provide should your finances become limited or exhausted.

At St. Anne’s, we understand the bottom line and want you to understand it too. Our staff takes the time to explain costs and fees and guide you through every step of the application process. In addition, we do not turn away current Residents should their finances become limited.


To understand the atmosphere of a retirement community, talk to the organization about the people and staff who walk the halls. You can also speak with Residents about their experiences and if they are happy with their decision to live there. If you’re looking with a spouse, ask about other couples residing in the community and how future placements into more skilled care are handled. In addition, you should inquire about waiting lists and the typical amount of time it takes to become a Resident.

St. Anne’s is a diverse retirement community open to individuals 62 years of age and older. Our entire staff takes pride in providing a clean, caring and faith-based environment where Residents can live and thrive – from independent living, to personal care, skilled nursing care, memory support and restorative care. We welcome couples as well as individuals and, once you’re a Resident, there’s always room for you in any area of care.

Choosing how and where to spend your retirement is a decision that’s a lifetime in the making. So, when considering retirement communities, schedule tours, ask questions and explore all your options and you’re certain to find the best place for you!

To set up a tour of St. Anne’s campus, apartments and cottages, please call 717-285-5443717-285-5443.